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Automobiles are currently an indispensable part of our lives. However, it is not always easy for everyone to use them. Here is FOMM. We would like to take advantage of the special features of Electric Vehicles and create Compact Electric Vehicles to be familiar and ideal Electric Vehicles for short-range transportation. It is not an ordinary Electric Vehicle that an engine merely replaces a motor, but an Electric Vehicle providing customers a new level of value and bringing innovation to their lives. “My dream” is to make such Electric Vehicles a reality from planning and development, and “My motivation” is to see these Electric Vehicles dashing around the city and the smiling faces of customers driving them. The opportunity to develop Compact Electric Vehicles will provide the impetus to create motorcycles and automobiles in new configurations. Finally, we would like to provide the ultimate Electric Vehicles such as a “Flying nimbus”.

Hideo Tsurumaki
CEO of FOMM Corporation

Introduction Video
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What’s good about “FOMM Concept One”?
  • “Battery cloud” is adopted to protect the environment and connect the future.
    • ・ Equipped with detachable cassette type lithium ion battery
    • ・ “Battery cloud” system manages battery information by smartphone.
  • The world’s smallest class 4-seater Electric Vehicle
    • ・ Made the world’s smallest class 4-seater Electric Vehicle a reality
    • ・ With high space utilization efficiency and new steering system of accelerator by hands
  • Cutting edge Electric Vehicle like “Wearable”
    • ・New generation’s Compact Electric Vehicle that runs through the city
    • ・ Interior that is imaged the future to enfold
  • Electric Vehicle that adapts itself to environment in Thailand that floods often happen
    • ・ Equipped with flood countermeasure function to float on water (*1)
    • ・ Able to move on water surface with the original wheels in case of emergency (*2)
    • *1 It is design in the delivery stage. Maintenance is required to maintain the function.
    • *2 It is not an amphibious vehicle. There is a limit to moving ability on water surface.
  • New cooling system to be developed to adapt itself to climates in ASEAN countries
    • ・ Equipped with high power cooling system to be developed by local staff
Model Detail
  • Overall length × Overall width × Overall height :2,585×1,295×1,560 (mm)
  • Kerb weight :445kg (without Battery and Option)
  • Seating capacity :4 persons
  • Maximum output :5kW x 2
  • Maximum torque :280N・m×2 (FF in-wheel motor)
  • Note:All figures are target design values.

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