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Privacy Policy
FOMM (ASIA) CO., LTD. (Hereinafter "our company") respects the privacy of everyone who uses this site (hereinafter "user") at the website operated by the Company (the "this site") Therefore, we will work on appropriate handling of personal information in accordance with the following definition etc. of the user's personal information.

[About Personal Information We Acquire]
Personal information acquired by our company means the name, email address, password, member ID, date of birth, gender, credit card information, purchase history, other individual users who will register with the user through the specific contents of this site It refers to information that can be identified.

[About action information of comments etc. acquired by us]
When accessing this service in cooperation with a social networking service (SNS) provided by a third party such as Facebook, information according to comments and information on "likes" on Facebook etc. You may also get it.

[About site use information]
· Terminal information: We may acquire device information (OS, terminal identification information, computer name etc.) used by the user.
· Log information: Information such as IP address, browser type, browser language, etc. when the user used this service is automatically generated and saved. In addition, we may acquire user's behavior history by using techniques such as Cookie and JavaScript.

[About purpose of using personal information]
The Company shall be able to use the personal information of the user for the following purposes.

· Providing information related to this site and other services of the Company
· User identification and use of credit card authentication service
· Notification of matters necessary for the operation of this site (including those by e-mail)
· Advertisement or publicity of products and others of the Company and third parties (including those by e-mail)
· Send the mail magazine that this site seems to be useful to everyone
· Creation and use of statistical information within the range where individuals can not be identified on this site
· Analysis and analysis of data necessary for new development of this site
· Distribution of targeting advertisements using user's behavior, gender, access history within this site, etc.
· Exercise of rights and obligation based on contracts, laws, etc.
· After-sales service, various inquiries correspondence

[About the provision and limitation of use of personal information]
We will not use personal information or provide it to third parties beyond the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use, except as provided below.

· When the user himself agrees in advance
· When allowed by law
· It is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and furthermore it is difficult to obtain user's consent
· In cases where it is necessary for a national agency or a local public entity or a person entrusted with it to cooperate in fulfilling the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, by obtaining the consent of the person, it hinders the execution of the affairs When there is a risk of affecting
· When disclosure is made to a substitute company such as a credit card company, credit card settlement, etc., financial institution, collection agency for settlement of usage fee by credit card etc. by the user
· When disclosing to the Company, such as a lawyer, who is obligated to keep confidential when judging it necessary for the provision of this service
· When the succession of our business including providing personal information is carried out due to merger, company split, business transfer or other reason

[About Safety Management of Personal Information]
We will properly manage personal information so as to prevent the leakage or damage of personal information and other personal information safety management as well as appropriately supervise handlers. In addition, we will handle personal information only by authorized personnel within the range necessary for business execution.

[About the consigned management of personal information]
We may delegate all or part of personal information acquired from users to outsourcing parties to the extent necessary for attaining purpose of use. In doing so, we will thoroughly examine the qualifications as outsourcing partners, and we will endeavor to establish a system to properly manage information by prescribing matters concerning confidentiality obligations in the contract.

[Shared use of personal information]
When providing a service through this site, if a business partner who performs business in cooperation with the Company is necessary, in addition to delegated management of personal information, the user's personal information should be shared with its partners there is. In this case, the Company shall disclose to the user the purpose of use, the name of the businesses partner, the type of information, the name of the administrator to the user, and to jointly use it after concluding a contract on confidentiality obligation with the business partner will do.

[About management of personal information outside this service]
We do not know anything about the use of personal information gathered independently by websites linked from this service, such as third party sites and services accessible through this site. Therefore, we can not assume any obligation or responsibility for independent regulations or activities at these companies or sites. Please check the privacy policy of each site before using.
[About disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion etc. of personal information]
Based on the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, we will respond to requests for notification of personal information disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension, elimination, suspension of third party provision, usage purpose. In the case where it is impossible to verify the identity concerning those requests or when the requirement of the personal information protection law is not satisfied, we may not be able to meet your request. In addition, we may refuse information other than personal information such as access logs when there is a problem with our business.

[About cookies]
This site uses technology called cookie (cookie). A cookie is a mechanism for temporarily holding specific text information as data in a communication device used by a customer and identifying the customer based on the data every time the connection is made. In general, individuals can not be identified with cookies alone, but when individuals can be identified by combining with personal information, it is regarded as personal information. As this service provides services based on the use of cookies, if you do not allow cookie use, you may not be able to receive part of this service. Whether or not to use cookies can be set in the customer's browser. Please check the setting status of the browser after checking how to use it as necessary. In addition, cookies may be sent by third-party Company’s advertisement system other than our company to measure advertisement display frequency etc. on this service. Please note.

[About security technology]
We use an industry standard encryption method called external SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for payment functions and necessary Web pages. Also, by strictly managing personal information in accordance with the company's prescribed standards, taking measures to prevent access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, virus infection etc. by installing firewall and improving anti-virus measures etc. It is.

[About change of privacy policy]
In order to protect personal information, we can change the contents of this policy as necessary. Upon change, the latest privacy policy will be posted on this website. Unless otherwise specified, the changed privacy policy will take effect from the time it was posted on this site. In addition, if the viewer uses this site after the privacy policy change takes effect, it is deemed that you agree to all contents of the changed privacy policy and use it. As soon as the user is informed, we ask you to understand the privacy policy of this site after confirming each time.

[About refund]
Returned or exchanged due to customer's convenience is not accepted. In case of initial malfunction, product difference, please contact within one week.
※ If you can not contact within 7 days, we may not be able to respond.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.
When there is breakage / contamination of goods, we will send a substitute promptly.
* In the unlikely event that substitute items can not be prepared, we will correspond by refund.
* In the case of new items, except for the case of initial failure, returned and used items returned or exchanged can not be accepted.
However, even in the case of initial failure, there is a possibility of refusing refund or exchange if there is no product package.

[Inquiries concerning privacy policy]
For inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please contact the following.

KMUTT Knowledge Exchange
for Innovation Center (KX) 110/1,
Krung Thonburi Road, Banglamphulang,
Khlongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand.
Tel: +66 2 470 7979
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