Reservation Agreement

1. Reserve FOMM ONE

With this reservation, you can preferentially purchase FOMM ONE in Thailand within the limits listed below.
"In addition, customers are allowed to proceed with purchase with priority over certain other customers by booking, but not necessarily delivered in the order in which this reservation was in effect, regarding the method of priority purchase procedure, we will inform you separately according to this reservation procedure separately according to the prescribed method."

2. Effect occurrence

This reservation shall take effect from the time as following;
(1) when the customer has requested the booking.
(2) FOMM (ASIA) CO., LTD (hereinafter "FOMM (ASIA)") received payment of the deposit from the customer.

3. Process of ordering

This reservation gives certain preferential rights concerning the purchase of FOMM ONE (hereinafter referred to as "vehicle") in Thailand and it does not constitute the basis for purchasing or ordering of the vehicle or its basis. Based on this reservation, FOMM (ASIA) notifies the purchase procedure of the vehicle in a prescribed manner and also sets the composition of the vehicle in the purchase procedure. In case
The FOMM (ASIA) creates a purchase order form of the vehicle based on the configuration of the configuration, and stores the contents of the sales contract in which the amount including the estimate obtained by adding the tax, transportation expenses, and other necessary expenses to the purchase price of the vehicle I will present it. FOMM (ASIA) will use the customer's reservation fee as part of the purchase price at the time of ordering if the customer agrees with the contract contents and is ordered.
The customer and the FOMM (ASIA) can cancel the reservation at any time by a predetermined method until concluding the sales contract, in which case the customer's deposit will be fully refunded. (However, if the settlement is made with the credit card concerning the reservation money, the fee which arises with respect to the settlement cannot be refunded.)

4. Confirmation items and prohibition of assignment

FOMM (ASIA) does not manage customer's deposit separately from other money, does not deposit to third party or trust fund, and does not add interest to said deposit. In addition, FOMM (ASIA) cannot transfer or transfer the status or rights and obligations of the customer to the third party without prior consent.

5. Customer details

FOMM (ASIA) is requesting customers to submit personal information as necessary in order to fulfill their obligations under this transaction terms. FOMM (ASIA) will retain personal information of the customer based on a privacy policy separately defined.

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